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Precast Products

Precast concrete products vary immensely in shape, weight and appearance. When developing our range of equipment, extensive research enabled us to design machines and mouldage that would accommodate most types of products. Precast products can be classified as follows;

Domestic precast products would include items such as window cills, lintels, door steps, chimney starter block, chimney pier caps, garden edge kerbs, pillar tops, wall copings, quoin stones, septic tanks, drainage channels, etc.

Agricultural precast products would include items such as cattle slats, sheep slats, pig slats, access/mixer slats, scraper slats, slurry channels, retaining wall units, wall panels, effluent/water storage tanks, water drinkers, posts, etc.

Commercial precast products would include items such as prestressed wall panels, prestressed flooring, prestressed Tee Beams, reinforced piles and beams, retaining wall units, structural columns, etc.

Moyle Engineering can offer solutions to all of the above and can discuss the feasibility of other precast production. Click on the images below for a zoomed view: