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Moyle Engineering - Manufacturers of innovative machinery and equipment for the precast concrete industry - Moyle Engineering offer quality solutions for the efficient production of precast concrete throughout Europe.

Flooring Beds - 2400mm Prestressed Flooring

Flooring Beds - to manufacture 2400mm Prestressed Flooring


Flooring Beds - to manufacture 2400mm Prestressed Flooring

Flooring Beds - 2400 mm

This wide slab composite flooring solution is available in 2400mm wide units. Our prestressed system of producing plate flooring allows spans of 9.50m to be achieved with ease. A finished floor will comprise of prestressed Wide Slab units, with shear key connectors across joints at mid span, a structural screed and normal mesh reinforcement. Due to the 2400mm width of units and projecting lifting hooks from the top surface, it is possible to erect 1500 square metres of slab in a day. This speed of erection ensures very significant on-site cost savings. Our manufacturing and casting systems allow great flexibility in forming awkward shapes and service openings.

Flooring beds 2400mm

Wideslab 100

Wideslab 125

Wideslab 150

Wideslab 175

Wideslab Precast Concrete

The Benefits of Concrete

Concrete walls and floors resist all of the effects of fire for up to eight times longer than traditional timber joisting.

Concrete acts as a thermal reservoir, absorbing and retaining heat and eventually returning it to the atmosphere. Concrete will take in heat when your radiators are turned on and slowly return it to the environment when radiators are turned off.

Tests on actual wall construction show that 100 mm masonry walls achieve between 41 and 46 decibels reduction in sound compared to only 31 to 35 decibels for standard timber stud partitions. The difference in performance is particularly significant when one takes into account that the measurement of sound is based on a logarithm scale. In simple terms, a concrete masonry wall will let less than half the sound through compared with a normal lightweight timber stud partition.

It's worth remembering that many brick and block houses built during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries are still standing while lightweight prefabricated designs are relatively new and untested. In fact, lightweight timber prefabricated housing is currently being investigated by the Department of the Environment "to establish suitable standards" Only the test of time will tell how they will perform, but experience would suggest that they would not be as durable as brick and block.

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