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Vibrating TrestleVibrating Trestles VS6000:

The vibration of concrete is of vital importance to ensure the correct strength and appearance is achieved during the manufacture of precast concrete products. The VS6000 series vibrating system consists of three vibrating trestles secured to the floor and wall mounted electrical control panel. These trestles are an integral part of Moyle Engineering’s precast system and compliment both the feeding system and the handler. Customers have reported excellent product quality both in wet and drycast production. Features include;

• Excellent speed control using frequency converter 0-3000 rpm
• Vibration provided via an electric vibrating motor with adjustable vibration intensity.
• Anti-vibration mountings provide excellent isolation to surrounding structures.
• Noise reducing plates help keep unwanted airborne noise to minimum
• Accepting mouldage up to 6000 Kgs
• ‘Bolt-on’ components simplify maintenance and reduce unwanted downtime.

The VS6000 series vibration system offers excellent value for money in concrete consolidation – Moyle Engineering will continue to research and develop vibrating solutions to meet customer requirements.

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Vibrating Trestle
Vibrating Trestle
Vibrating Trestle
Vibrating Trestle